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Re: [MiNT] GCC 4.6.3 fails for multilib on m68k

On 10/09/2012 13:59, Alan Hourihane wrote:
As can be seen the -mcpu=5475 option with -O2 causes code to be output
that won't execute on m68k causing the illegal instruction.

Oh, this is very bad.

So GCC assumes that programs built with different multilibs can be run on the build machine, and of course this can't work in the case of ColdFire libs, as well as building 68020-60 libs on 68000.

IMHO the configure scripts should treat compilation for a different multilib as cross-compilation. But this is a wider problem...

Any ideas how we can remedy this situation ? i.e. don't pass the CPU
flag during configure stage or something else ?

That may cause other side effects...

A quick and dirty solution would be to patch the configure script to force cross-compilation mode for the EOF test only, so that particular test case will work.
But the underlying problem will remain.

Vincent Rivière