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Re: [MiNT] FreeMiNT 1.18 release

On 04/12/2012 10:47, Alan Hourihane wrote:
I'd like to do a FreeMiNT 1.18 release over the Christmas period or
early January.

I'd also like to release a new mintlib at the same time.


Are there any big pending issues for this upcoming release.

I know 3 potential issues, not yet discussed here.

1) On the ColdFire kernel, the FPU (and MAC) status is not backuped on context switch. This means that currently, two programs using the FPU at the same time would mess. This is probably easy to fix, but it has to be done carefully.

2) There is a big bug in the MiNTLib about checking if a directory exists or not. It may affect QED, tar... This needs to be closely investigated. This is a major issue.

3) FreeMiNT installs new IKBD handlers, but does not install the extra vector at offset -4. As a result, keystrokes can't be cleanly simulated by VNC server, FireTOS USB keyboard support, etc. Again, to be investigated.

IMHO the above issues are quite severe, for sure the 1.18 release would be much better if they could be fixed. We could at least investigate them to decide if they should be fixed before or after the release.

Except the above issues, I feel that the current FreeMiNT is very stable, so you're right, it is time for a release.

One thing I want to target for 1.19 is getting fully native builds
going, so that the entire tree is only built for one architecture
instead of building multiple ones.

I totally agree.
I wanted to work on that long ago, but I had other priorities...

Vincent Rivière