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Re: [MiNT] Blue icons in XaAES

On 06/12/2012 01:05, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
It only happens on aranym in combination with it's IDE-interface


I reproduced the problem with a hostfs only setup.
So definitely, the blue icon problem is not related to the filesystem.

> It is an aranym-or-fVDI-or-EmuTOS-bug.

I agree.

I didn't manage to determine which of the above components cause trouble.

But it goes away if XaAES is restarted (Ctrl-Alt-J).


Sometimes the problem disappears when restarting XaAES. Sometimes not.
Anyway, in every case I tried, XaAES always hung just after restart.

However, I found additional clues :

1) There is some randomness. Most of the times the bug appears, sometimes not. But on my setup I always see it on cold ARanyM boot.

2) With the exact same filesystem, I didn't reproduce the bug with TOS 4.04. While I reproduce it almost 100% with EmuTOS. So EmuTOS is a potential culprit. But due to the bug randomness, we can't exclude that TOS 4.04 could also be affected.

3) IIRC, EmuTOS does not fully initialize the 256-color palette on Falcon hardware. I don't know how this could affect fVDI.

4) Sometimes, regardless to the wrong palette, only the top part of the XaAES logo is affected by the blue background =-O
See the attached screenshot.
I wonder how this is is possible. Either something is severely wrong in ARAnyM, or some interrupt happens during the logo painting...

5) If I press 'd' when fVDI starts, it enables the debug mode, and the bug does not happen. I don't know if the change of behavior is related to the debug mode, or keystrokes, or whatever.

I really wonder what could cause such a bug. It seems that white becomes blue, and anything else becomes black. Typical from a wrongly initialized palette. But this does not explain how the phenomenon can occur on half a bitmap only. Maybe ARAnyM picks up the palette pickups the palette just once per VBL, or something like this. I don't know. Also, I wonder what is wrong: the source bitmap or the blit function? Some debug traces could help to understand what is going on.

Vincent Rivière

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