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[MiNT] XaAES initial menu bar


I have noticed that the XaAES initial menu bar is not always the same, depending on subtle startup timings.

In my xaaes.cnf, I have the following standard lines:
run u:\opt\toswin2\toswin2.app
shell = u:\c\teradesk\desktop.prg

Then sometimes the initial menu bar is TeraDesk's one, sometimes it is TosWin2's one.

- with ARAnyM-JIT, the initial menu bar is almost always TeraDesk's one.
- with ARAnyM-standard (using the very same setup), and on my FireBee, it is almost always TosWin2's one.

Is there a way to be sure that the initial menu bar will always be the shell (= TeraDesk) one?

The current behavior is very confusing for new users (and annoying for the others).

Vincent Rivière