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[MiNT] Edge of the screen

Around the time I was testing the Ctrl-Q issue all of Thing
folder windows disappearred. Probably not related.

I have just discovered that they were lurking in the bottom right
corner of the screen under the Multistrip menu bar. (see screenshot)

I can close the window but not move it. This means that if I open
a new folder, it opens in the same place. In fact 6 windows do this now.

I seem to remember that Windos has an obscure feature that allows
you to grab a window even if it is off screen and move it.

We had to do this in the office once when a guy who did have two
screens got the display setup window onto a second screen that was no
longer available.

Is there any way to move these windows back onto the screen without
having to wipe the Thing config ?



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