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Re: [MiNT] Announcment: CFLIB for AHCC

On 16/07/2013 01:17, Ole wrote:
I'm happy to tell you that I have ported CFLIB to AHCC.


I had problems when running the included demo with EMUTOS, looks like all
the dialogs do not work (except alerts,...).

Same problem when compiled with GCC. And when run on plain Atari TOS.
The CFLib does heavy usage of USERDEFs. On plain TOS, they are run on the small AES system stack (in supervisor mode!) and that stack overflows. One major cause of trouble is the v_gtext() implementation in the GemLib which uses an insane amount of stack space. This is well known (with currently no known solution, unfortunately).

but maybe it's because EmuTOS doesn't provide essential functions (like
extended AES objects?).

The EmuTOS AES is more or less like the one in TOS 1.x. Usually, that's good enough.

Anyway, I did not encounter problems running it under XAAES.

Because the USERDEF stack is bigger.

Vincent Rivière