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Re: [MiNT] Edge of the screen

Peter Slegg, 06.07.2013 17:07:38:

The maximum window-size is often limited by the client. Pretty sure
toswin2 would crash if the terminal-window would be sized too big.

I just tried and toswin2 didn't crash. If it had done, it should be

You're right: toswin2.7 changes the columns+rows of the terminal according to the window-size, 2.6 (what I use) does not. This seems not to work when using Ctrl-Alt-Cursor-Left/Right ..

Also moving with shift does not behave as it should.

fixed in the app rather than the OS or just avoid doing it like
other apps that have issues in Mint.

You can't "fix" all apps. Consider for example keyedit: It only has 1 valid size (try Ctrl-Alt-Cursor for fun).

Maybe some extra window position safeguards are needed to stop them going off
the edge ?

When a client decides to go over the edge, why prevent it from doing so?


Try this.

1. push a folder window as far to the right and down as you can
so that just the close widget is visible.

2. Ctrl-Alt-left makes the window narrower until it disappears.

3. Crl-Alt-right should make it wider again but the window never

Seems you've found some bugs in XaAES.

Helmut Karlowski