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[MiNT] Packages upgraded


I have rebuilt my favorite packages. Now everything is available for 68000, 68020-60 and ColdFire. See there :


This massive rebuild is dedicated to Jean-François Lemaire and Nenad Kovacevic.

The only package not rebuilt for ColdFire is HypView, because it contains a few assembler code, and will require manual patching. For all the other packages, it worked out of the box. Just change the CPU options in the CFLAGS, and you're done.

Totally by chance, MiKRO provided his native GCC for ColdFire at the same time. That means we have now a lot of software running fully optimized for ColdFire, and the opportunity to build more and more stuff. Whole distributions such as SpareMiNT or Gentoo would be amazing.

Other progress: I updated most of the packages to the latest versions. This includes software never seen on an Atari platform, such as:
- bash 4.2.45
- coreutils 8.21
- iperf 2.05 (network benchmark)
- make 4.0
- samba 3.6.21
- util-linux 2.24 (including cal, hexdump, whereis, more...)
- vim 7.4
- xz 5.05
- ...

Be sure I'm not going to provide a whole distribution, such as Gentoo. I just wanted to see if my cross-gcc was able to build updated software, and it does :-) I also wanted to check that everything was buildable for 68020-60 and ColdFire, and as expected, that was as simple as changing the CPU options in CFLAGS (and sometimes LDFLAGS).

Some packages required a a few patches, usually not much. Ideally, those changes should be fixed at the right places, such as kernel, MiNTLib or upstream packages. I know that Alan already did much work in that area, we should continue that way.

Even if the cross-gcc works perfectly, the configure scripts provided in the source packages often provide poor support for cross-compilation. For each package, I had to tweak a few stuff in the configure scripts and makefiles. Everything is recorded in my build scripts, which can be used as a source of documentation for other distributions.

It's amazing to see that the MiNTLib allows to build so much GNU/Linux software out of the box for FreeMiNT (and often TOS as well) :-)

Vincent Rivière