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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

On Monday 02 December 2013 22:30:49 OL wrote:
> I have put an exemple at:
> http://gem.lutece.net/download/toolbar.zip
> There is a simple C source code of the use of toolbar with move of
> objects when the window is resize, you will find the program compiled with.
> With XaAES and MyAES the object is moved and information in texte
> updated, it not use any userdef for this. In the case of XaAES there is
> a limitation
> of it, because XaAES dislike the program change the height of the
> toolbar tree, but this exemple should answer to your questions.

Thanks for your time, Olivier, but unfortunately, this does not answer my 
questions :-) Which in a nutshell is about doing stuff that requires calling 
the VDI inside a toolbar. Your example doesn't call the VDI at all so the AES 
can do all the redrawing itself.

Replace your BOXTEXT object with a simple BOX and try drawing the string over 
it with v_gtext() after a WM_REDRAW message. You'll see that you can't because 
you'll never receive a WM_REDRAW message.

Jean-François Lemaire