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Re: [MiNT] Software IDE

On Tue, 10 Dec 2013, Mariusz Buras wrote:

# I'm afraid Atari is not powerful enough. Also, the best IDEs are commersial (sublimetext, visual studio). Of coure this is my opinion. Btw. I wonder who has time to develop for Atari on
# Atari? I do all my development on PC because I couldn't bare to wait minutes for something to build.

	Something else to consider..

	Remoting in via sshd on the Atari; this at least get you your 
comfortable environment somewhere else, and shell building on the Atari.

	FWIW, you can do remote editing and such as well..
	- Emacs and others can do remote edit via ftp, scp, etc
	- Perhaps mounting the filesystem out from the Atari as well

	If you're mounting the filesystem outside of the Atari, you could 
perhaps use fancier IDEs natively on other machines, then turn-and-compile 
on the Atari.


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