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Re: [MiNT] gethostbyname() fails on the FireBee

On 30/08/2014 21:53, Vincent Rivière wrote:
After recompiling ping, I noticed that gethostbyname() fails to do DNS
lookups on the FireBee. I suspect it is a timing problem.

I have just upgraded my FireBee to the latest FreeMiNT CVS, and the problem has gone!

Both ping and my testcase work. No more trouble.

It seems to be the opposite of what I initially thought. Something broken has been fixed in recent kernels.

Or maybe, software compiled with the new MiNTLib only work with a recent kernel?

I had been fooled because my kernel was newer on ARAnyM than on the FireBee. Maybe the CPU does not make any difference.

Well, everything is fine now.
But it's weird.

PS: Now I'm going to test NFS.

Vincent Rivière