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Re: [MiNT] Firebee Coldfire MiNT Kernel and NFS

On 02/09/2014 23:36, Peter Slegg wrote:
I did try some tests with pinging large packet sizes but that
doen't work well on Mint.

On the FireBee, it didn't work at all...
And many thanks, Peter, it was exactly the right clue!

There was a bug in the FEC driver (FireBee only):
The size of the outgoing packets was not correctly calculated.
For an unknown reason, it only affected the fragmented IP packets.

I'm going to provide a patch for the FEC driver.
It fixes:
- ping with packet size > 1500
- the NFS server

Now I can run the NFS server on my FireBee, and mount it from Linux using UDP. It works fine, fast, and reliably :D

BTW, it does not fix the FireBee NFS client. That's another story.

Vincent Rivière