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Re: [MiNT] [PATCH] Fix wrong size of outgoing packets in the FEC driver

On 04/09/2014 07:58, markus@mubf.de wrote:
On a quick check, your fix also fixed the hangs we experienced using the
FEC driver with EmuTOS and MiNT (at least on the "Firebee sending"
side). It's now happily scp'ing its complete CF card contents to my
Linux machine with up to 850 KB/s. No need to use the special "BaS FEC
driver" anymore.

Excellent news!
The FireBee network stuff is becoming saner.

There still seems to be something wrong in the other direction - scp
receive of large datasets sooner or later hangs the Firebee, as before.

Probably the BaS's page fault handler which causes trouble because on EmuTOS, FreeMiNT runs in real supervisor mode, as we discussed before... Or something else.

There is still something very wrong with the NFS client, the future fix may help in other areas, too.

Vincent Rivière