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Re: [MiNT] TAS in GFA Linker


Le 05/09/2014 23:01, Vincent Rivière a écrit :
On 05/09/2014 22:25, Lonny Pursell a wrote:
This is a very interesting discussion about the TAS instruction. The GFA
Linker which is an extremely small program acts very strange on the FireBee.
I had no luck solving it the past several months. Now I find two TAS
instruction in there. Do you suppose this is the source of the mysterious
problems? Sometimes it works, sometimes not, much like a cache issue.

That should fix your problem.

I stand ready to test this patched linker.
The linker fails sometimes on big GFA/O files, and very often with small ones and if the temp folder is u:\ram\.

Best regards, and Thank you all for your work.