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Re: [MiNT] Firebee Coldfire MiNT Kernel and NFS

On 06/09/2014 21:17, OL wrote:
Far long time I have compiled for coldfire MyAES that use TAS instruction
and use it on coldfire evaluation board, I never seen any problem,

The first times I tested MyAES on the M5484LITE (the one you lent me, thanks again), it was almost unusable, it took several minutes to load.
We discovered 2 problems:
- by mistake the CPU caches were disabled during MyAES startup
- the TAS instruction caused trouble

so I suppose the problem is probably link to the hardware design.

As said previously, the problem is that the TAS instruction can't work in memory regions where copy-back data cache is enabled.

But for the use we have of it, BSET.B work fine, thanks for your past
help on MyAES.

Indeed, after we fixed that, MyAES worked fine and fast.

Vincent Rivière