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[MiNT] nfs-server recompiled


I have recompiled the old nfs-server from SpareMiNT:

ColdFire binaries are included, they work perfectly with both EmuTOS and FireTOS.

I also have fixed a 13 years old bug:
From clients, symlinks were not recognized as such. Now they work fine.

You have to define your exported directories in /etc/exports. The provided example file will be good enough as starting point.

Then you need to run 3 daemons:

Finally, you can connect from another FreeMiNT machine, using NFS.XFS and mout_nfs.

You can also connect from Linux:
mount -t nfs /some/local/dir -o rw,vers=2,udp

The "vers=2" option was mandatory for me, because newer systems use the newer NFS v2 or v3 by default.

The "udp" option enables UDP communication. By default, on my system, it used TCP, which is supposed to be unnecessary slower on a reliable network.


Vincent Rivière