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Re: [MiNT] TAS in GFA Linker

Lonny Pursell <atari@bright.net> writes:

> ;original code
>     tas    (a1)
>     bpl.s  label
> ;alternate code    
> temp:       dc.w 0    ;add this somewhere or use a free register if you can
>     move.b  (a1),temp ;copy the byte in question (previous value)
>     bset    #7,(a1)   ;clobber bit 7 as tas would do
>     tst.b   temp      ;set Z and N based on prev value like tas
>     bpl.s   label     ;original branch instruction unchanged

This wouldn't be interrupt safe.  Testing N after tas is equivalent to
testing Z after bset #7, so no need for testing the whole byte.


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