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Re: [MiNT] Modern Kernel ST support

Hi Mark.
MiNT 1.15 IS working with the Ethernec driver. The issues you are
running into are related to the 68000s incompatibility with 1.15's
68020+ slip.xif and sockdev.xdd.
Perry Drechsel has found ST-compatible ones, and his EasyMiNT ST howto
is found on Maanke's Atari pages.
and download the ST-Pack.
Maanke had an EasyMiNT distribution which installed a Minix filesystem
which is working on 68000 instead of a Linux one.
Using this would be the easy way, running through Perry's howto would be
the not so easy way. Unfortunately the later is not yet translated from

Greetings, Jens

Am 20.11.15 um 04:50 schrieb Mark Duckworth:
> Hello all,
> Now that I have a MiST the first thing I did with it was to attempt to
> install MiNT.  Since it has 14MB MiNT is useful on this machine.
> Unfortunately modern mint doesn't seem to be compatible with ST's
> anymore.  Problems with the disk system.  When I copy some files between
> two fat partitions things work temporarily but soon there is corruption
> and rwabs error.  The FAT itself is fine but the files are corrupted.
> When running mke2fs against any partition the error is rwabs attempt to
> write beyond end of partition.  That is from memory but it is similar to
> that.
> I can't absolutely guarantee this isn't some problem with the MiST core
> but I do know that 1.15.2 kernel is working very well but sadly doesn't
> work with the ethernec driver.
> Sometime shortly I'll try to run this same image in hatari and see what
> happens with it.  I can also move these things over to my mega ste soon.
> Thanks,
> Mark