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                                 Narsil 50
                               (1993 ~ 2002)

Yes, yes, so it happend... Narsil ends its 10 years long tradition... :-(
At first, I would to give some other view to Narsil like Moondog did in previous
reviews of this mag. There were 3 things to "blame":

1) Old games reviews
This  was a very  controverse "problem" not only from  view of people from UK or
Germany, but  from  view of  local readers, too. Jiri's main  argument was, that
most (and that's true) of these old games were new for us, Czechs and Slovaks.
And it's true, some of them were really cool and we would never have heard about
them. And since  Jiri is a big lover & collector  of ST games, Narsil had always
games to review or making tutorial or anything about :-)

2) Czech language
Yep, Narsil was a magazine only for ppl from CZ/SK maybe PL... but let's think a
little bit - were you  interested in mag like this? Sweden, Germany, UK - mekkas
of ST gaming with a lot of paper mags in the past, I think mags like Narsil have
bored you, didn't they?

3) Shareware
It's clear - since only very few people  contributed to this mag, they wanted to
have  any  motivation  to  continue. Don't  get me wrong, in  your eyes  it's an
bsolutly crappy  sum of money, let's  say 30 Euros for all issues per month. And
since they wanted  to motivate other people, articles  were HONORATED! Again not
very much money, but they were :) Btw, the shareware pay for one issue was about
1 Euro...

Okie, that's about Narsil vs World problematic :) In the very funny editorial we
can find some  words from Jiri, how  they started, what  he thougt  about Narsil
before he  got chief etc :) He plans  to put all  Narsils to one CD and sell for
some symbolic money...
Next we can find information that Narsil isn't dead totally, maybe if there will
be any interest and  articles, from time  to time can arrive a new Narsil to the
light of day... Jiri wants  to do something  like the  ultimate cheater, he  got
megabytes of various  cheats and  codes. And he  wants to  re-make a tutorial to
Amberstar, show differences between UK and german version etc (he find this game
the best for Atari ever).
Aah.. Narsil is since the release date of issue 50 totally freeware!

Ok, I hope you understand now better what kind of mag Narsil is...erm, was.


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UCM 23