This place is dedicated to all my projects I'm the author of. It's expected this list to grow ;-) Also feel free to take a look at my github

Name Release Date Requires Github Comment
Sprite Editor 1.2 2002/08/06 Atari XE/XL, 48 kB RAM Simple tool for sprite editing. Screenshot.
ATR to XFD 1.0 2002/08/08 TOS compatible platform Converts standard ATR in double density to XFD format.
Chosneck #3 intro 2002/12/31 Falcon 030, 4 MB RAM some lame intro for Chosneck zine... Screenshot.
QuickDSP Assembler 0.14u 2003/05/20 TOS compatible platform qdsp An update of QDSP 0.13b by Earx/Lineout.
680x0/68882, DSP5600x, 6502, C Syntax highlighting 2003/11/07 QED 5.0.2 text editor For NVDI5 palette.
Revertant 1.1 2003/06/02 Falcon 030, 8 MB RAM A fixed, more accelerators/VGA friendly version of the one of the best/slowest ;) Falcon demos. comments here.
Moai 96KB 2004/12/01 Falcon 030, 14 MB RAM, FPU My first 96 KB intro, done with -XI-/Satantronic. Video here, comments here.
Menace 2006/05/18 Falcon 030, 6 MB RAM. FPU My first Falcon demo. Done in cooperation with other Mystic Bytes members in less then two weeks. Video here, comments here.
Atari port of Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, ... n/a Falcon 060, 64 MB RAM quake, adn3d See below. Some videos from Atari Falcon060@66 MHz (16bit@16 MHz videobus): Atari Quake 1.00, Atari Duke Nukem 3D 1.00 (bad audio settings).
Atari port of well-known Silkcut demo by TBL 2008/09/15 Falcon 060, 64 MB RAM One week long nightmare :) Video file of 1.01 version, online video and comments.
Atari port of well-known Ocean Machine demo by TBL 2008/09/22 Falcon 060, 64 MB RAM Long delayed port but finally it's done. Video file, online video and comments.
Atari port of well-known Starstruck demo by TBL 2009/05/23 Falcon 060, 64 MB RAM Released at Outline 2009; for many people the best Amiga demo ever made. Video file, online video and comments.
uMiNT 1.00 2009/04/25 Falcon + CT60 + Ethernat FreeMiNT zero-install distribution ready for online browsing from your Atari!
CMake 2.8, SCons 1.2.0 and Python 2.6.4 2009/12/14 TOS compatible platform, FreeMiNT and lot of RAM :) FreeMiNT ports of some tools I needed for my experiments and were not so trivial to compile: CMake (alternative to Make), SCons (another alternative to Make) and Python (scripting language). In case you're interested how to build these packages, see this howto.
transprt.h for gcc 4.x 2010/01/31 gcc 4.x and STinG gcc 4.x compatible header file for STiK/STinG based applications. Must have for every developer who wants to use the newest gcc for developing application for STiK/STinG network layer. I've fixed also some bugs regarding stack pointer recovery, so you should definitely use this one!
HHeretic, HHexen and OpenTyrian 2010/08/15 Falcon060, 64 MB RAM, FreeMiNT Atari ports based on Patrice Mandin's SDL. Latest versions with instructions how to build inside. HHeretic and HHexen work for some reason only under FreeMiNT.
Phonetic Russian keyboard layout 2012/04/12 Windows XP/Vista/7 Phonetic keyboard for non-Russian users like me. It's compatible with the phonetic keyboard layout in Linux. Source project for The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator included.
TyrQuake 0.61+ 2015/01/05 Falcon060, 64 MB RAM tyrquake Atari port of TyrQuake, a Quake fork which keeps the original features but fixes bugs and improves gameplay.
Revertant 1.2 2019/07/06 Falcon 030/060, 8 MB RAM 16 years later, an updated, CT60 friendly version has been released. First presented at Sommarhack 2019 demo comments here.
Silly Venture 2019 invitro 2019/08/22 Falcon030/060, 4+ MB RAM First real scene production after more than a decade! Invitation for Silly Venture 2019 demo party. Requires 14 MB ST RAM or 4 MB ST RAM + TT RAM. First presented at Sommarhack 2019 demo party. comments.
Megademo IV 2 2020/11/16 Falcon030/060, 8+ MB RAM A quick port/hack of an old multiplatform demo. Should run on 4 MB ST RAM + 4 MB TT RAM configuration, too.
ScummVM 2.6.1-2 2023/02/10 Falcon030/060, 64 MB RAM scummvm A pure Falcon-only port of ScummVM. Most games require a 060 CPU but 040 could be enough for some, too. SuperVidel heavily supported!
Led Blur 2023/09/11 TOS compatible platform, 8+ MB RAM A quick port/hack of an old multiplatform demo. Should run on 4 MB ST RAM + 4 MB TT RAM configuration, too.

Atari Quake

Atari Quake is Atari Falcon 060 port of Quake by ID Software. It's based on Amiga port (it reuses optimized 060-code). Available files:

Atari Quake 1.00 (executable) Atari Quake 1.00 (source code)

Atari Quake 1.01 (executable) Atari Quake 1.01 (source code)

Atari Quake 1.02 (executable) Atari Quake 1.02 (source code)

Atari Quake 1.03 (executable) Atari Quake 1.03 (source code)

Quake Demo

Atari Duke Nukem 3D

Atari Duke Nukem 3D is Atari Falcon 060 port of Duke Nukem 3D by 3D Realms. It was planned to reuse some stuff from Amiga port but the assembler part was quite unoptimized so I decided to use C sources only. There's a little bug in 1.00 version: you have to replace "MixRate = xxx" by "MixRate = 24585" in duke3d.cfg file. Available files:

Atari Duke Nukem 3D 1.00 (executable) Atari Duke Nukem 3D 1.00 (source code)

Atari Duke Nukem 3D 1.01 (executable) Atari Duke Nukem 3D 1.01 (source code)

Unfortunately, you can't use demo version, this game works with Atomic Edition only.

Atari System V [ASV]

ASV is Atari TT030 port of AT&T Unix System V Release 4. No, I didn't port this one ;-) It's just too rare and too easy to be forgotten... I've got two images, one from Mark from Belgium (got as harddisk) and one from Richard from UK (got as image).

Richard's ASV -- a fully working one. For X Window you need to have Atari 19" ECL monitor, not the standard VGA one. Then there's Mark's ASV -- this one bombs at the boot, who knows what's wrong.


mxPlay is an audio media player for Atari Falcon. You can download it from its project website. I am the author of this project.


zView is a plugin based viewer for Atari Falcon. You can download it from its project website (along with other tools like zWeather (now defunct) and zTask). I am the maintainer of this project.