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Minix file system checker

Well, I have sort of an fsck up and running now.
It is not based on neither the unix nor minix fsck.
What it does, is to:
	Find all I-nodes and Blocks that is marked as used
	but is in fact not used in any file.
	Find all I-nodes and Blocks that is marked as used
	twice (and is not marked twice because of a hard-link)
	Find all files with unknown file type
	(eg. not a regular file/symlink/directory)
It has options to auto-fix, or fix interactively any
logical errors found on the specified partition.
It works on both V1 and V2 filesystems, and with arbitrary 
file-name length.

Now, are there any brave souls out there, ready to test this
beast ? I don't feel like donating this sort of utility to
a.a before it has been tested by people who know what to
do in case of disaster...

BTW: I have tested it on my two 60 Mb partitions, and it 
did find errors, and I did dare to do an "auto-fix".
Well, the partitions are still alive, and doing fine :-)

The program is written in, well, sort of c++, although
it is not very well designed... To be honest, it isn't 
designed, I just programmed it...  making up structures
and stupid classes as I needed them. In few words; it 
is not a good example of how to write object-oriented

To receive a copy of the program, just mail me a request,
and I'll mail the source+binary as a uuencoded zoo'ed