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A few words on patchlevel 28 of the MiNT library...

Just wanted to let you know, I've again entirely re-written sleep()
for Patchlevel 29, so don't go out of your way testing the one in
PL28.  This one is a lot "stupider" but behaves more correctly (it
doesn't wake up every second to decide if it should stop).

Does anyone know what usleep() should return?  Hildo says it should be
unsigned instead of void, but none of my unix man pages talk about a
return value at all.

Also, can someone give me a clue as to what xyzzy.cc if for, except to
make sure that people without g++ can't compile the library?  I'm less
than a beginner with C++ so I can't see why such a "do-nothing" object
would be helpful at all...