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MNT library, patchlevel 30, diffs

>Are the shareable libraries supposed to be made as well ? All I got was
>gnu16.olb iio16.olb crt0.o gcrt0.o.

The default makefile produces the full set of short/long/shareable
short/shareable long libs.

Sounds like your make died in the middle, maybe you ran out of memory?

On my 4-meg machine with a few auto-folder programs, the extensible
control panel, lpd, and init, I can build the library but only if I'm
not running bash (which takes up about half a meg.)  Usually I reboot
right before making to ensure memory isn't fragmented, then I do
"exec make > nohup.out 2>&1" and it builds OK.

I haven't built the library on my ST since PL 28, but it hasn't grown
much and it built fine on the cross-compiler here on terminator.

has anyone else had any problems building it?