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Re: MNTLIB31: 14/15

>This is becoming something of a habit. Whenever someone posts .uue
>files to this group, I can *never* use them. Weird.
>Anyway, is it just me, or are the recent pl31 lib/incs corrupted
>in any way ? I can get them past uudecode, but the .zoo archives
>are corrupt according to my 'zoo'.

They are all fine for me.

>Ultrix can't seem to cope with multi-file uu files - anyone know
>if removing the intermediary 

You need to get uud from somewhere like a.a (yes they will compile under

> !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?
>begin part x ....
>M...   ( I leave these bits in :-)
>include xxx
>control bits and then cat'ing the files into 1 .uue is somehow
>illegal - it's always worked for me before.


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