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Re: Init & MultiTOS

>Hello Steve!
>Yesterday, I compiled your init-package 1.1 and it works _great_ until I
>try to run MultiTOS. 
>To start it, I modified the ttytab to something like
>console "/c/multitos/gem.sys"   vt52  on secure
>Everything works fine then, but after a few minutes, AESSYS switches
>from "ready" to "wait", and GEM hangs, NOT the whole machine!

Hmm.. strange.. it's almost as if the new GEM is waiting on a pseudo TTY.
I'm not sure if I can help you, it seems to be a problem with the MultiTOS
AES. I'll forward this message to the MiNT mailing list to see if anyone
else can help.

>I have a TT and a Mega ST2 which is connected to the TT over ttya.
>The shell for my Mega ST still works correctly when GEM hangs. So I
>was able to run "ps" to see what happend...
>Any idea what to do???
>PS: I use MiNT 1.08 and gcc 2.3.3 pl2 with Mintlib pl34
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