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Re: People mailing patches.

1In message <H.eg.uBNFfJnziss@elfhaven.ersys.edmonton.ab.ca> you write:
> I do not have the system resources to compile MiNT 1.09, so is there
> anyone here who has an executable that they would be willing to share?

>From the MiNT COPYING file:

"Redistribution of this code for profit, or use of this code in any
product, requires a license from Atari Corporation. The unmodified
source code may be redistributed provided that no fee is charged
for redistribution (other than a reasonable fee for the cost
of the distribution media). Only the source code may be so
redistributed; binaries compiled from the source may not be.
Anyone trying to use this product should be an experienced
programmer capable of compiling it, and who understands the importance
of backups and the dangers of using beta test software."

I would have thought that everyone on this list was weel aware of this
Alex Kiernan.