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Re: mint-aware HD driver

>> I don't think it's strictly necessary to re-implement GEMDOS right now -
>> simply putting something like
>>     Psemaphore(2,'GEMD',-1L) ;  /* request GEMDOS Semaphore */
>> /before/ and something like
>>     Psemaphore(3,'GEMD',-1L) ;  /* release GEMDOS Semaphore */
>> /after/ any GEMDOS calls in tosfs.c should protect GEMDOS from any
>> reentrant calls.

>One thing that I am not sure about is how Pexec() fits into this
>scheme.  MiNT calls the "native" Pexec(), and Pexec() itself
>probably uses GEMDOS file system functions to load a file.  If

Actually, MiNT doesn't call the native Pexec -- any Pexec calls
in MiNT occur after MiNT has grabbed the trap #1 vector. So
that's not a problem.

However, there are some GEMDOS calls outside of tosfs.c that we
will have to watch out for; for example, there are Tgettime()
and Tgetdate() calls in timeout.c and perhaps in some other