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Common Lisp for the TT

This is a quick note to announce a port of Common Lisp for the TT running MiNT.
It is the latest version of CLISP built for a generic unix system with 68020
optimizations. It seems stable, and quite speedy. Please do not post this 
version to any public ftp sites until I get some feedback from people off this 
list. I hate releasing an alpha version to the public and getting dozens of 
mail messages about installation and bugs. 

It will be released to the "anonymous ftp" world as soon as it is really deemed
a stable port. 

This version of CLISP needs ~3+ megs of memory to run and a 68020 + 68881. 

You can find it:
	 at "menger.eecs.stevens-tech.edu"
         in "pub/scott/Atari/C-Lisp/" 

Please get the ReadMe.TT file first and have a look, it has more info than 
this brief note. 

Scott Kolodzieski