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Things and ideas


I'm new to this list, I'll write in English but can read German. It might
be interesting for me and others new to the list to hear a brief summary
of things already discussed here.

What I've done myself:

- I've got the 'term' program which was originally developed for Linux
  to work for outgoing shell connections and incoming uploads (i.e. the
  two most useful things). For those who don't know term: it's a serial
  line multiplexer, giving you multiple connections on one line. You can
  have multiple shells, uploads, X-window clients, etc.
  Term can also compress the bytestream, so it's quicker too!
  It uses sockets in its implementation, which I replaced with named
  pipes under MiNT.
  It's available for ftp from ftp.twi.tudelft.nl in pub/atari

- The complete Linux kernel source is sitting on my harddisk, waiting to
  get reused in a MiNT-Linux-hybrid which I envision. I once started
  writing a compressing filesystem for MiNT, for which I used a part
  of the Linux source code as a basis. It's possible to map the functions
  needed to implement a MiNT FS to the functions used to implement a
  Linux FS. Once I find the time, I might actually do this, so that
  we can use all the Linux filesystems: Ms-DOS, ext2, minix, ISO, NFS,
  etc, etc. It might be a good idea to completely reimplement the MiNT
  FS code to ease interfacing Linux code.
  There's one big problem with this: I'm sure Eric Smith and Atari don't
  want any GPL'ed code in MiNT.

- Using the Linux networking include files, I was able to build a
  working version of the Lynx-WWW-hypertext browser. It's obviously
  only useful for local files, but it works.

What directions are you exploring to get MiNT more networking-friendly?

That's it for now,

Bart Schuller                 schuller@dutiws.twi.tudelft.nl