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Re: Why fsck doesn't work

>Hi Steve,
>> Odd, why does fsck do that, does something have a file open on that partition?
>> That's the only immediate reason why I can see the Dlock call would fail (the
>> trace output should name the culprit). Alternatively I suppose I could add a
>> flag to fsck to not regard the failure of Dlock() and fatal.
>This seems to be the reason.  To be able to use 'fsck' on my main Minix
>partition, I must kill syslogd, and replace tcsh by sh, because tcsh
>always keep an open file descriptor to /etc/termcap, which lies on this

Minixfs should make a distinction between read-only and read-write or write
opened files and should only lock fsck out if there's a file opened for
write access, else you'll never be able to fsck the system partition during
a boot using an rc file.


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