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Pipes may come and pipes... don't go!

While fooling around with optimising my simple pipe server (duh, yah,
using write on a block of chars is much faster than single-char putc...),
I noticed something strange...

The pipes don't go away when I'm doing with the pipe server and any programs
that write into them!  So I'm stuck with these pipes laying around, dripping
out of both ends.

Using MiNT 1.08 and 1.09 (with all of the patches applied from the mailing
list), gcc 2.4.5 (2.5.x's cc1plus still won't _run_ on my ST... address
error) and MiNTlibs pl.41.  It appears to have worked fine with pl.39.

To create the pipe, I'm just using open()...  I'm using read() to get
stuff from it into a buffer, and when I catch a SIGKILL, SIGABRT, etc
I close the pipe, and die (in the pipe server).  I've used everything
from cat and echo to a C++ program to write into the pipe.

Any ideas?

I've also noted a strange thing on the TOS 1.4 desktop; if you open
/pipe, and have a file named "Test.Pipe" in there, you'll see "TEST.PIPE"
in the window!  Gee, didn't realise TOS could handle four-char filenames...
;-)  Must be a bug in 1.4's desktop code.

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