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Re: Domain X

   For me, it's easy: No GEM allowed at all. Others may disagree... :-)
  Well, I'd like to use MultiTOS (if they ever release the non-polling one)
  as the INIT= application, but have "init" loaded in the background and
  running in DOM_X for remote users.  This is just as secure as no GEM and
  allows me to run GEM programs.

Just fyi, I've recently been forced to switch back to AES 4.0; AES 4.1 locks
up too often for practical use. The most common occurrence is while using the
slider bars in a window, after about 3 or 4 clicks the system will freeze. The
odd thing is that after some long amount of time it comes back. (Hm, now that
I think about it, how long is 16 bits worth of milliseconds....? I guess I
should have tried timing it...)