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Re: Latest Re-sync

Evan K. Langlois writes:

> The last problem is TOSWIN.  Even if I run TOSWIN as a program instead
> of an ACC, it still loses about 27K every time a window opens.  Can someone
> else verify this for me?   Do a PS or TOP, MiNT should be using about 48K
> or less.   Now run TOSWIN and run PS in a window.  Now MiNT is using 77K
> or something.   Now open some other windows, a bunch, PID 0 now owns
> about 200K.  Quit TOSWIN and run PS from the console .. MiNT is still
> using over 200K.  The memory won't come back, and the more windows that
> open, the more memory is simply dumped on the floor.  This may be a bug
> in TOSWIN, but MiNT is at least partialy at fault here.  MiNT should
> not allow memory to be lost - especially when it thinks it owns it!
 hmm can you find out what kind of memory blocks these are? (compare
ctrl-alt-f5 and clrl-shift-alt-f5 output, debugger)  maybe its just
nalloc arenas kept by kmalloc'd stuff from filesystems and thelike...

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