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Re: Questions and suggestions

itschere@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE writes:

> > Torsten Scherer has submitted a patch to handle the sticky bit in the
> > kernel, but this patch hasn't been integrated into MiNT. It worked,
> > anyway... Note that the RAMFS filesystem implements the sticky bit (as
> > well as the setgid bit) for directories.
>  Oh, I'm very well thinking of doing it again, together with a full
> implementation of supplementary groups, but not with the current MiNT
> 1.10.beta.fix.me.patch.what.you.like... ;-)

 hmm so then how long j.random.user would have to wait for it?  MiNT 1.12? ;)
>  In my view, *half* of the patch has gone into it, introducing the "elm
> can't delete its lockfile" problem, but not the other half, curing this
> problem... :-(

 yup.  btw there were are a few more useful 1.09 patches i haven't seen
back, like select-for-multiple-processes, quotes in mint.cnf setenv...

 hey, another idea: :)  could tosfs default /c etc. to have the
sticky-bit on for compatibility and only inherit that to directories?
(so shared-text binaries are not all sticky too.)
> ciao,
> TeSche
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