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Re: screen 3.5.2

>> I thought preformatted manpages are preferred above non-preformatted ones.
>> I could be wrong here.

> Sure, it's really hard to get a working manual environment with MiNT. But
> once it works, you prefer unformatted manualpages. I think it's the
> same with the binaries: If you have the sourcecode, you're happy. ;)

Makes sense. I will include the unformatted manpage too.

>> I also got the screenlocking feature of screen to work.
>> As soon as a.a.u.e. works again I'll put a new release on it.

> That's great! If you have time, ftp.uni-muenster.de would be a good
> place, too.

I have put screen02.tgz at ftp.uni-muenster.de in /incoming/atari-mint.
Although a.a.u.e. is working again, it's either very busy there, or they
just don't accept anonymous login at the moment.
I'll try again later today.

> Some of us don't care about RAM, so a compile time switch would be a nice
> solution (if possible at all).

Sure it's possible. I have to add my original #ifdef's to the source.
It will get a bit messy...
The first thing I intend to do is making it possible to boot GEM from within
After that I will try to do what you ask for,