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Re: screen, manuals, ...

Hi Knarf,

> I won't compare screen to the virtual consoles. Screen is intended to be
> used on *one* text-based terminal, but the virtual consoles give you
> some terminals where screen can be run on. ;)
> I think it would be a great idea to combine both. Running GEM or
> anything else on the "real" console and launching screen on vt01. If
> you redefine your function-keys on vt01 via xkey to F10->^A-0, etc.,
> you should be able to switch between the screens very easy. So you'll
> get the speed of the virtual consoles and the advantages of screen
> (e.g. Cut'n'Paste, Scrollback, Snapshots, etc.) *and* you'll save
> memory, because only one virtual console is needed, which usually eats
> twice the screen memory instead of just the amount of the character
> buffer of screen.
> And remember: screen can be run through a serial line, the virtual
> consoles can't.

This is very clear formulated. I tried to do that yesterday but did not
That's way I just sent a section of the manual.
It is indeed a great idea to combine both. Why didn't I think of that?
It saves me a lot of time trying to make screen boot GEM.
I think that means I can start working on your #ifdef's...

BTW, your full name sounds dutch. Are you?