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Re: mint goals?

At 17:37 11/2/94, Howard Chu wrote:
>Here's a few projects I'd like to see done...

>        68881 emulator in kernel, integrated with 68881 peripheral
>                driver and 68881 coprocessor manager

As far as I can tell, there is no freely available 68881 emulator around,
and this is a problem that also the MacBSD and Linux 680X0 projects have
run into. Writing such an emulator thus would be a very worthwhile project,
especially if all the various operating system projects for the 68k would
be able to benefit from it.

There is a MacBSD person who claims to be working on such an emulator,
though I do not know what the state of progress is. I can find out who that
was if there is sufficient interest.

Markus Krummenacker