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Re: Posted on Request

At 17:39 11/3/94, Stefan Haake wrote:
>Here comes a message from german MAUS-Net. It was asked to be posted
>here on the list. For I didn't see it yet, I'll do it...
> ----------------------------\begin{input}----------------------------
>RFC: TOS compatible software running on foreign hardware
>Some people might already have heard that there'll soon be a TOS
>compatible operating system running on Mac-68-Hardware: MagiC is currently
>being ported to the Macintosh platform.

What is the relationship of this port to Brad Pickering's already
established MacMiNT ?

Also, what is MAUS-Net ? It might be good to give a quick explanation to
the non-Europeans who never heard of this before. :-)


Markus Krummenacker