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Re: Standards

bjb@bigbox.demon.co.uk wrote:

> Is there anyway of starting to enforce a standard on programmers to use
> either ^H or DEL as it has been getting on my nerves now for a while that
> some programs use ^H, some DEL and so both. If it were consistent then it
> could be mapped with keytbl or stty so that ^H behaved the same under GEM
> and MiNT.

Uuuh, the BS vs. DEL discussion has been there on the FreeBSD
mailinglists some weeks ago. And they finally decided to let send the
Backspace key send what it says: Backspace, BS, ^H, 0x07. The Delete
key also sends what it says: Delete, DEL, ^?, 0x7f.

As the erase character is usually sent by the big key in the right
upper corner on the keyboard, we (with our standard Atari keyboards)
have to choose ^H as default erase character.


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