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Re: MiNT-X, Xmp and colors

Tamminen Eero (t150315@proffa.cc.tut.fi) wrote:

> Btw.  In which format the MiNT-X 'RGB_DB' (that it complains to be
> missing) entries should be?  Here on DEC's OSF/1, the rgb.txt contains
> entries having three, space separated decimal values followed with the
> color name.  X man page says that name should be first and followed with
> either 'rgb:RR/GG/BB' or with '#RRGGBB' (old, pre-X11R5 syntax?) where
> the color values are in hexadecimal. Please, enlighten me!

The X server you are using does not support this database at all.
So don't waste your time in trying to provide a correct file - it 
won't work.

The next version of the server will be linked with the gdbm library,
but I'm not sure when ank (Andreas Kirschbaum) will release it.

On my Sun (MIT-X11R5) rgb.txt has the same format as under XFree 3.1 on
my PCs: Three, space seperated decimal (8 bit) values followed by
the color name.

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