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Re: virtual consoles

oops whats this :)

Kristoffer Lawson writes:

> On Wed, 3 May 1995, Chris Herborth wrote:
> > 
> > I run black in mint.cnf (like exec=u:\usr\local\bin\black) and
> > everything is white text on a black background.
> I do that. That only changes the main console. All the other consoles
> have white backgrounds. When I try to run the program on any of the other
> consoles it works for the moment, but when I switch to another one, and 
> then back I have a white background again.. It might be something 
> funny with the black program of course.. I coded it quickly with GFA.
> Used to work fine ;)

 you flip bit 0 of the first rgb word, right?  looks like you hit a
bug there, it should copy that even for mono mode.

 fix in the next version...  c u,
	Juergen :)
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