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(fwd) Chimera available!

Say, what?????? I read the notices on these things. You're not allowed
to sell this stuff without permission, are you?

From: Dan.Dreibelbis@balmybeach.gryn.org (Dan Dreibelbis)
Date: 22 May 95 19:34:00 
Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.st
Subject: Chimera available!
Message-ID: <093_9505230153@tor250.org>
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Lines: 35

Okay, the World Wide Web/MinTNET package has now been finally
released for sale by the Toronto Atari Federation's (TAF) 16/32 Bit
Library; here's what it consists of:

    TAF SPECIAL: XWINDOW (7-disk set)

    "Included on these diskettes are: MINT, MINTnet, tsch, X-Window,
PPP/SLIP, FTP, Telnet, Chimera (a Graphical World Wide Web Browser)
and many more UNIX-like programs. The included installation program
sets up a basic UNIX enviroment to connect to an Internet Service
Provider using a dynamic PPP. To use these programs you need to have
4mB RAM and at least a 10 mB hard drive partition to be set up as a
MiNT partition. You also need an UNZIP program and an ASCII text
editor. An understanding of the UNIX enviroment is very useful."

    The retail price of the package should be around $25.00
Canadian; I'll have to check on that to be sure.

    Enquiries on the package should be made to:

    5334 Yonge St., Suite 1527
    Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
    M2N 6M2

    Attention: Bill Annand (16/32 club librarian)

    Note to European Users - Danny from HENSA said he was also
evaluating the package for his user group to be distributing. 

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