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Re: Email with Mint, again

ABURGH@dsm1.dsmnet.com wrote :
>About 10 days ago, I asked about getting email with Mint Net and I got 2
>responses (thanks guys!), one concerning sendmail and one regarding smail.
>Well, I got sendmail compiled, but I don't know where to get m4 to process 
>the configuration.  Is a port available via ftp, or are sources easy to get
>and compile?  
>More generally, I was wondering about sendmail vs. smail.  Sendmail requires
>a seperate delivery agent for local delivery.  Does smail require a seperate
>local agent also?

No : smail can direct mail to a mailbox file without the help of a local
mail agent

>Other than that, is there any reason to prefer one to the other?

Yes : configuration of smail is rather easy compared to sendmail.

>Also, I wasn't on the net when the diffs to smail were posted here;
>are they archived somewhere (in case I decide to go that route)?

I was on the mailing list but I seem to have missed it also. Although
I have a version of smail running (more or less) on my TT, I still have
occasional problems (with file locking I think). So if anyone could
tell us where to find the diffs, (s)he could me at least two people happy.