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Hi everyone,
   I'm trying to compile tin for news access via NNTP.  The compilation
is complete and when run tin talks via NNTP and gets all its information 

However, I seem to have a problem reading the TERM environment variable; 
tin reports that "the TERM variable needs to be set...".  My TERM 
variable is set (to stv52, or whichever terminal type I am in).

The offending piece of code is:

	if ((p = (char *) getenv ("TERM")) == NULL) {
		fprintf (stderr, "%s: TERM variable must be set to use screen capabilities\n", progname);
		return (FALSE);

It seems that getenv is returning NULL and unfortunately I can't find 
a man page or the source for getenv.

If somebody can fix this line for me, or send me a man page for the mintlibs 
getenv, I can quickly complete the port and make it available to others.