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Re: News

In article <199507040555.QAA00597@raleigh.zynet.co.uk> you write:
>Hi everyone,
>	I would like to get news groups working from my Atari.  I have
>strn/trn but these are only readers.  Has anybody got nntp etc. or am
>I doing something incorrect.  Please help.

well cnews-xt works (mostly.  a bit slow due to MiNTs blocking disk IO
but still better than anything ive seen on TOS/GEMDOS)  so i guess cnews +
nntp would be possible.  forget INN, its a long-running daemon and can
get pretty big, no good without real virtual memory if you want to use
the box for other things...

 of course for a real newsserver that should serve several nntp sessions
over the 'net a MiNT box sounds a bit underpowered... :)  and otherwise
you don't need nntp (as server), just point your reader at /var/spool/news.
>			Thanks in advance 
>				Andrew.