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Re: Uploads

roemer@informatik.uni-frankfurt.de wrote:

> nasim.cube.net:/pub/incoming/Atari

Thanks for the upload, moved to /pub/atari/Mint/Network.

Please note: This machine is not accesible via Internet from outside
the world! If you try to ftp there, you will get a "Connection timed

If you are interested to get the files via modem, use nuucp (or ZModem
if you have too much time and money). Call +49 89 54662173 (V.32bis),
+49 89 5469312 (HST14400) or the number in my signature (ZyXEL).

    Frank Bartels    |    UUCP/ZModem/Fax: + 49 89 5469593     | MiNT is
knarf@nasim.cube.net | Login: nuucp Index: /pub/ls-lR.nasim.gz | Now TOS!