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Building a Cross-Compiler

Hello there.  I was successfully running a cross-compilier for a couple of
months until it was deleted here at COIL.  Now, for some reason I can't
get it to compile MiNT!  Maybe someone it would help to explain: 

1.  I grab the following files from a.a.u.e:

2.  I grab gcc-2.3.3.tar.Z from my favorite source.

3.  I build gas with the local cc, the binutils with the local gcc, and 
then apply the diffs to gcc-2.3.3.

4.  I unpack the includes, build gcc, build the libraries, then build MiNT.

Now, when I run the MiNT I've compiled (68000 version, -DMULTITOS), it 
locks up completely after it displays the boot-up message.  Occasionally, 
it will run MiNT-Net and lock up at the 'attaching devices' message.  
Other times it will abort, citing that there is an error -39 with 
GEM.SYS.  I've been using the same GEM.SYS that I've been using for the 
last two years, so I know that it isn't GEM.SYS.  What should I do?

Jim Baumgardner (jbaumgar@coil.com) http://www.coil.com/~jbaumgar
"A big crab, sure, but a man from space?  Hah!" - Crow T. Robot