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Some questions (Re: MintNet 0.9)

> I have put the latest MintNet sources/binaries onto our ftp server:
> 	ftp://diamant.vsb.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/pub/people/kay/
> They contain new drivers for Riebl Card MegaST,MegaSTe,TT and the Biodata
> external DMA adaptor (all by Torsten Lang), some bugfixes and a BSD compatible
> packet filter (BPF). If someone is interested, I have patches for libpcap
> and tcpdump...

Great news!  Does anyone know of a source for Biodata adapters?

A couple of (unrelated) questions (Mint 1.12) :

	is it possible for a user to be in more than one group concurrently?

	is it possible to set serial port speeds (TT) above 38400?



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