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GNUSTep and the Falcon? Any Chance of it Happening?

I know that I am asking for much lately,  but please
check out the website below.  Of all computers currently being
produced at this time, the C-Lab Falcon comes closest to
the specifications of the NeXT cube workstations.  The
GNU group is working on creating a complete NeXT operating
system clone for other systems, similar to the BSD, Linux,
MiNT/MacMiNT efforts.  In my mind, the Falcon should be
the computer of choice for testing these things on.  Especially
an Afterburner outfitted Falcon which would compare completely
with the NeXT pizza box Workstation which used a 68040.
Let your voices be heard.  Let them know about the Falcon.
If we can't get a Mac emulator going, might as well go for
NeXT emulation.


					Peter Ross:

				The Avid Falconeer!