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Re: device drivers again

In article <9605281247.AA16437@cypress.ukc.ac.uk>, "C.P.Briscoe-Smith" <cpb4@ukc.ac.uk> writes:

|> Does it make any difference which queue the process is put to sleep
|> on?  AFAICT, if you're using a unique value for cond, any processes you
|> put to sleep using it will only be woken up when the same value of cond
|> is used.  This would mean that it doesn't matter which queues I use
|> (except the run queue!), and I can essentially treat all the queues as
|> private to my driver.

AFAIK there is no real difference between the queues.  I guess they're
only separated to help keeping them short.

|> Is this correct?  Are there any situations where all the processes on a
|> queue are woken, regardless of their value of cond?

No, i don't think so.  But i'll have to check the sources to be sure.